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                                                                            Become the Change you Desire


The universe is based on evolution and growth. 

Our ability to see our patterns, clear negative beliefs and behavior, 

allows us to bring in more positive directions and relationships.

Psychic Astrologer


Astrology readings can be done by phone or at our center.

Astrology maps the soul's patterns and lessons each lifetime.

The soul comes to earth to learn, grow, and evolve the positive and negative polarities we carry. Patterns can be changed with awareness and action.

Relationship Readings

Relationships as mirrors

Relationships reflect the harmony and conflict in us. Patterns can be changed with new awareness and action. Patterns can repeat with no awareness and denial. Relationship readings can show us what Karmic patterns we are working to heal, change and grow in new directions.​

Family patterns - Energy Family Tree

Astrology allows us to see how family patterns evolve, get passed to the next generation to be addressed.

Are patterns healing or getting more out of balance?

I work with you to see the patterns and how you might change the patterns with awareness and action.


What Clients Say

If you want to grow, change, and become empowered to your true potential then I recommend working with Bonnie. 

The growth that is possible, it's like having a coach that teaches you how 

to pull your life weeds out and plant flowers in your life garden.

The growth you experience is in all areas of your life. 

Relationships, Career, Wealth inner and outer, Personal Power, Deeper wisdom is available to everyone who works with these programs!  Amazing! 

Betty Whitestone -Success Path, LLC

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